Friday, March 20, 2009

diners, drive-ins, and delicious meals,

sara went to great lengths to make sure we were fed well in des moines. we had chinese and mexican and even a calorie laden breakfast to make me feel right at home. then, feeling a bit over confident she played the indian food card. now i know most of my family are big fans and the dish she cooked (marsala chicken) wasn't the worst thai i have eaten, but i have to say, food from india is not my cup of tea. i am not particularly fond of curry and i like to eat cows and pigs. here are a few pics of chef sara's offerings. thanks sara, you're a great cook and you and ryan were wonderful hosts.

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sarita said...

We hoped you'd never leave and can't wait for you to come back again!

Isaac keeps asking "Where Grampa?" and Maddie is going through drug-like withdrawals since we started rationing her sugar intake after you two left on Friday.

Pu-lease come back!