Friday, September 28, 2007

fall is in the air

the pumpkin patch and haunted barn are in great shape for the annual roundy halloween party. get your costumes ready.

josh randolph returns from iraq

on wednesday september 26 my nephew josh came home from serving in iraq. his wife Jackie's parents had a little get together for him that night. it's great to have him home safe and sound. it was also cool to hear some of his experiences and to see the rest of the family.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

where are all the migrant workers?

its apple pickin time at the roundy fruit farm and we were a bit short on labor. however with the help of her " magic stick" this lady was able to pick record quantities of golden delicious treats. however she was never able to produce a green card and we would have sent her packing but she convinced us she could cook and do housework.

drive in movie without the car

on friday alot of the bond clan decended on kaysville for movie night. with the big screen and the projector we viewed " Princess Bride" in an exclusive showing under the stars. personally i voted for the godfather triogy but was voted down by clearer thinkers. at any rate a good time was enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

barn raising with the boys

the barn in our backyard was in dire need of a new roof. so i summoned all the males in the family and organized a barn raising on labor day. me and my son in law son Jeremy hit the roof at daybreak and was taking our first break when my son Brian and son in law neal showed up at 9am. it turned out fine though and everyones help was appreciated. the roof still has some final touches before winter but a good part of the job was finished that day. thanks to everyone who helped.

Critter Hunting

this summer we discovered part of owning a larger lot was we had to deal with local critters. we planted a garden with the hopes of having a bountiful harvest latter in the sumer only to discover that the local raccoon population enjoyed corn almost as much as we did. so i went to the local farm supply and bought me a live trap to see if i could stop the devastation. three weeks and three 'coons later the corn patch was finally ours. the local animal control officer took the raccoons to a better place.