Sunday, May 3, 2009

honey crisp apple trees

after sara introduced us to this variety of apple we knew we needed some in our yard.
so saturday i borrowed an auger and we planted two of these babies. we were told they would produce starting this fall. these apples are so good they may be the forbidden fruit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

clouds part just in time for annual egg hunt

the annual easter egg hunt took place last saturday. although it was a bit wet, the rain stop just long enough to find some eggs. this year we had over 30 kids and near 600 eggs. the garfield clan was a welcome addition to the festivities. despite the weather it was a great to kick off the summer party season at the roundy's.

the gospel and grub, it must be april

madelyn put together an amazing brunch with everyones help. it's been a tradition in our home since heber j grant was in charge.

Friday, March 20, 2009

diners, drive-ins, and delicious meals,

sara went to great lengths to make sure we were fed well in des moines. we had chinese and mexican and even a calorie laden breakfast to make me feel right at home. then, feeling a bit over confident she played the indian food card. now i know most of my family are big fans and the dish she cooked (marsala chicken) wasn't the worst thai i have eaten, but i have to say, food from india is not my cup of tea. i am not particularly fond of curry and i like to eat cows and pigs. here are a few pics of chef sara's offerings. thanks sara, you're a great cook and you and ryan were wonderful hosts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

academy awards party

the annual roundy academy awards party was a week ago last sunday and although the show was pretty stale and the movies for the most part were lame, the party rocked baby. although we missed the out of towners ( sara and brooke and their families ) and allisons crew did not represent like in the past, corey did her best to try and fill the gap by bringing her posse from logan. here are some pics

neil trying for his second win.
allison cool and confident before the contest began.
the coveted award, to have your name engraved on this baby is everyones dream.

the motley crew from usu.
brian and family made an appearance after several years of protest.
yes mike won, but not this mike. his dreams were crushed again.