Monday, February 9, 2009

25 things

25 things you may or may not know about this old bluehair.

1. i was the third of nine children, and although my parents are gone my 4 brothers and 4 sisters all live within a few miles of us and i consider all of them my best friends.
2. my parents taught me a strong work ethic, since i was about 12 i can't remember not having a job. i think the first paying job i remember having was delivering handbills for bowmans market. we were paid a penny a house and so once a week i earned $1.25 for a few hours work. other jobs i have had are, a paper route, baby sitter, mowed lawns, hauled hay, cleaned irrigation ditches, picked cherries, worked at a gas station pumping gas, security at the davis drive in, clean up crew at clover club foods, installed furnaces, trimmed circuit boards for univac, processed cherries at the rock loft, mopped floors at bowmans market, hauled coal at the farmers co-op, pored cement when the built the grain mills in kaysville, roofed houses,worked for ups one christmas, ran a earth mover at a gravel pit, delivered pepsi, owned a dry cleaners, sold life insurance, helped family as janitors at the kaysville theatre and post office, sold keys and hardware, installed carpet, umpired little league games, and for 27 yrs worked for sara lee delivering bread.
3. when i was a teenager our ward softball team went to the all-church softball tourney. it was fun but we were bounced by a team from california after three games.
4. although i played football and baseball in high school i was a bit of a hack as an athlete, fortunately davis high didnt have that many students back then and it was much easier to participate.
5. my daughter in law erinne nicknamed me " mr. lucky " during a trip to las vegas when they were first married. she is right, i have had my share of luck. the biggest prize i ever one was a trip to superbowl 28. madelyn and i had a great week in atlanta while my son brian , a teenager at the time thought it should have been his birthright to go instead of his mother.
6. i like vanilla ice cream, i think chocolate is overated.
7. i have had weird " dreams" about alien abductions, sometimes i shout out crazy things in my sleep, my wife thinks its funny.
8. i was sorta a handful when i was growing up. when i was 14 me and a friend used to sneak out of our rooms and drive his parents car all over town. i dont think we ever got caught.
9. i now live in the neighborhood i grew up in. it is great because many of the people i knew as a kid still live here, although that has its drawbacks as well. fortunately i had four brothers and it is easy to use the excuse that they must be confusing my past with that of one of my brothers.
10. i have worked for sara lee for 27 years and have called in sick less than five times.
11. i love my wife and consider her mr lucky's greatest prize. she is the most amzing person i know and i wish i was more like her. fortunately my children take after her much more than me.
12. my favorite car i have ever owned was a 1949 austin healy bugeye sprite. we sold it to pay for my daughter coreys birth. corey made me not miss it.
13. my greatest accomplishment is my children. they are all amazing people and i am so proud of them. i never dreamed i would have such an amazing son and beautful amazing daughters.
14. since my hair went silver sometimes when i am in line at the store women with walkers seem to be hitting on me.
15. one of my favorite church callings was sunday school president. it was great, i had two counselors and a secretary, every class had two teachers because we had a large active ward. i walked the halls during ss school looking for kids without a hall pass. and best of all i forced my children to address me as " president roundy ".
16. i love embarrassing my children. especially my daughter brooke. it is really easy and her reaction is always priceless. she hardly ever goes anywhere with me anymore though.
17. when it comes to music i prefer voices with character over perfection. some of my favorites are neil young, willie nelson, janis joplin, and bob dylan.
18. my mother while raising 9 kids, used to iron our neighbors clothes for extra money. i remember she charged 10 cents an item. every time i think of that i kinda feel bad. my mother was a saint.
19. i have four of the most beautiful daughters you could imagine, it's been great having so many girls. the drama roller coaster has been a wild ride and i have learned alot. i wouldn't trade it for anything. when i was a young man i remember thinking that i wanted to have alot of boys, as it turned out brian was my only son and i think he was enough. he is everything that a father could want and a great friend.
20. this is starting to sound like a bad testimony meeting. sheesh.
21. sometimes i cuss too much, but what the hell. i think its kinda fun to teach the grandkids new words.
22. i like old trucks better than new ones, but i like new underware better than old. go figure.
23. if i could change my life in any way i am not sure i would. it has been a pretty good run so far.
24. mr lucky's best day was jan 11 1974 when i married my wife madelyn. she is the best thing that ever happened to me and made my life happy beyond measure. i love her.
25. well this is 25 and to think it only think it only took me a week. tag or no tag i wont be doing this again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

superbowl 2009

well the superbowl rolled around again without the chargers invited to the party, maybe next year. but that didn't stop us from partying. here are some pics from superbowl sunday.