Sunday, October 26, 2008

welcome to my nightmare


another october means another roundy halloween party. this year seemed to bring out more freaks than ever. we have identified some and others we are still wondering who they are. at any rate it was a friggin great time.

a new addition this year. spooky eh?

joe the plumber, before he shaved his head

is that mike myers the axe murderer?

cooking channel nightmare


just a swingin

boo scooby doo

jayden the frightful

whoa spooky and cute

the old man and the witch


one stormy night debut in the barn

call the fbi..........we are missing someone

darn cute kid♠

deja boo all over again

summer time and the livin is easy

just a few pics from this summer and fall. when summers gone, what will we do?

fischer and his favorite toy

trouble times two

kc and heidi marry

we were honored when kc and heidi ask if they coould be married in our backyard. except for it being a bit nippy weather wise it went off without a hitch. here a few of the guest and some unidentified "crashers" mingle before the ceremony.

the bride before the wedding.

under the walnut trees.

i really had hoped the neighbor would stop with the lawnmower long enough to get though the vows.

the happy couple.

byu football...................woo-hoo !!!

brian jake and myself went to a byu football game as a way to celebrate our birthdays. the weather was a bit hot but then so were the cougars as they completely demolished ucla.

brian and jake enjoy the view and avoid the nosebleed.