Tuesday, March 3, 2009

academy awards party

the annual roundy academy awards party was a week ago last sunday and although the show was pretty stale and the movies for the most part were lame, the party rocked baby. although we missed the out of towners ( sara and brooke and their families ) and allisons crew did not represent like in the past, corey did her best to try and fill the gap by bringing her posse from logan. here are some pics

neil trying for his second win.
allison cool and confident before the contest began.
the coveted award, to have your name engraved on this baby is everyones dream.

the motley crew from usu.
brian and family made an appearance after several years of protest.
yes mike won, but not this mike. his dreams were crushed again.

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Oscar Genius (Tony) said...

That looks like it was a rockin' party... sorry we were out of town. Although, had we come, I believe I would have taken the cake having correctly guessed 18 of the 24 catagories in our own "anniversary edition" of oscar night. So congrats to the winner... but know that I will be back, and I will be hungry to rightfully claim the trophy... again!