Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dean bond turns 87

last monday, june 16, the bond family invaded kaysville with one thing on their minds.......celebrate! celebrate! dance to the music. it was the patriarch of the bond clan, Dean
Bond's birthday and that meant party hardy.

here is jenny wondering if emily was hitting the lemonade a bot too hard.

as you can see it became a bit raucous at times.

what says rage more than pastel colored cupcakes?

it got a bit testy however when dean and his son larry started discussing the upcoming presidential election.

talk about a good sport. here is dean singing " let's party like it's 199...........2009.

all kidding aside, it was a great night to honor a great man whom we all admire and hope to celebrate many more birthdays with.


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Brooke said...

I love the hat! Grandpa is a cute old person.