Friday, September 28, 2007

josh randolph returns from iraq

on wednesday september 26 my nephew josh came home from serving in iraq. his wife Jackie's parents had a little get together for him that night. it's great to have him home safe and sound. it was also cool to hear some of his experiences and to see the rest of the family.

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Debbie said...

Iam so thrilled I have my favorite son home and safe. He is the neatest person. Him and Jackie are still living in Pocatello, but hopefully not for too long. Right now Josh is working at a convelescent (sp) home a few blocks from his house. He will be going back to school next year. I don't have a blog and didn't even now of such a thing until Sharon told me. Love you guys and miss you tons. Thanks Mike for remembering Josh, very cool and thoughtful of you. I have spent hours just reading and looking at pictures on your blog....I LOVE it!